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Our Approach

Staff encourage children very effectively to be independent in their personal care routines and to make choices in their activities and resources.  They have good manners, and are frequently praised for their exemplary achievements.  This gives them a highly developed sense of self-esteem and confidence “.  OFSTED

We introduce the children to a wide range of activities, stimulating their natural interest to learn facts and to acquire and perfect skills.  We encourage the children to be active and to choose equipment that interests them.  We have special sections for books, language,  number work, computers, puzzles, games, construction, practical life, a home corner with dressing-up, painting, drawing, cutting and sticking, modelling, nature and science, sensorial material, and sand and water.  The equipment has been chosen to aid development in specific areas, which include:  Concentration, Co-ordination, Sense of Order, Hand Dexterity, Independence, Play and Social skills.

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The children also have plenty of opportunity to develop their creative, imaginative and investigative skills.  They always have a project to follow which includes many art and craft tasks, and opportunities to investigate aspects related to the topic.  When possible we  have visitors or organisations, linked to the project, come to the school.  We try to respond to each child’s individual needs.