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“Children have excellent opportunities to have fresh air and exercise while using the very well organised outdoor play areas.  Within the Nursery, space and resources are exceptionally well planned and used to create wonderful experiences throughout.  Each of the areas are well organised with excellent resources.  The whole nursery is homely and child-friendly, with brightly coloured displays and posters providing a vibrant environment“. OFSTED

Bright Sparks is located in the rural village of Heath End.  It occupies the East Woodhay Village Hall, which provides a light, attractive and spacious environment for the children.  There are two classrooms, the main one is big enough to allow rainy day activities and has the bonus of a large stage ideal for school productions with a piano. Class 2 provides a cosier space for small group learning.  There is a good kitchen with a counter allowing the children to partake in cookery safely. The internal layout of equipment is carefully arranged, everything having its place within easy reach of the children. Outside the main class room is a large playground which allows the children the choice of playing inside or out.  There is also a large fenced garden and an adventure play ground.