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  • Children are excited and motivated by the wide range of stimulating activities that take account of their learning needs and interests.  They are engaged in their learning and make excellent progress, taking into account their starting points and capabilities.
  • There is an excellent focus on play and learning in the outdoor areas.  Children access a wide range of equipment and natural resources and this enables them to develop many new skills.  Children like being able to direct their own play, make decisions and explore for themselves.
  • Children are highly valued as unique individuals.  Staff make thoughtful and accurate assessments of children, which are constantly monitored, challenged and adapted to secure timely interventions and support where needed.
  • The management and staff team are dedicated professionals who have high expectations for children’s achievements over time.  They are totally committed, enthusiastic and determined to provide children with the best learning and development opportunities possible.”

Bright Sparks Nursery School is jointly run by Cherida Daniel the owner and Lesley Smith the manager.  Both of whom hold the Early Years Professional Status which is aimed at providing well-skilled and highly motivated graduate practitioners with the expertise to lead high quality practice.